Asset Security Solutions

Smart Locks for Asset Security

Controlling access to your critical physical assets is key to safeguarding your business operations. Youtech's Smart Lock System is an intelligent tool that helps you know when security access has been compromised. The system consists of:

1.  Electronically operated locks, in multiple lock forms that do not require batteries or electrically connected power or communication sources.  Solutions include padlocks, panel-mounted locks, cabinet and enclosure locks, and interior/exterior door locks all designed for harsh outdoor operating environments. 

2.  One electronic key with proper authorization can open as many locks as needed. Real-time authorization/permission management eliminates the need for master keys and combination locks, which can compromise security.

3.  Mobile application provides dynamic authorizations, sequenced locking/unlocking procedures, and tracks each unlocking/locking action in real-time. All actions are uploaded to a premise or cloud-based server for audit analysis and reporting.

4.  Back office software manages and controls access authorizations for employees and contractors. The access can be removed/terminated easily without having to re-key all the locks when an employee leaves the company or loses a key.

Here are some industry examples of who can benefit from our Smart Lock System solutions:

  • Power / Utility
  • Medical Hospitals / Clinics
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Construction 
  • Public Institutions
  • Manufacturing / Warehouses

Smart Locks for Remote Facilities - Power/Utility Industry

Operators of remotely located wind and solar generating facilities spend considerable time each morning and afternoon coordinating the ingress and egress of employees and contractors working at their remote and often isolated installations, which can be a serious distraction from higher priority operating responsibilities.  


Most solar and wind generating facilities do not have HID badge access systems and most are unmanned, requiring employees and contractors to call control room operators to announce their arrival and departure.  Because these requests take place at the beginning of the work day, system operators who are responsible for dozens of sites spend several hours taking phone calls, making manual log entries, and verifying access permission and requirements.  At the same time, system operators are responding to alarms, coordinating switching and clearance operations, coordinating generation dispatch, and managing other higher-priority responsibilities.  To keep construction and operating costs low, most installations do not have automated access systems, and most are unmanned.  Authorized employees may have keys or lock combinations required to enter a site, but safety requirements soundly dictate that they announce their arrival into and out of generating facilities.  

The challenges faced by operators include:

  • Manual telephone-based processes requiring operators to verify the identity and business purpose of facility visitors, verifying work orders, obtaining valid call-back information in case of an emergency, obtaining estimated times of departure and related information which can take ten or more minutes for each visitor at each site;

  • Because the process is manual and time-intensive, visitors may be delayed by having to wait for system operator to take their call;

  • Mis-recorded information, especially call back numbers can create a safety hazard and cause additional delays when visitors fail to call upon departing a site;

  • Visitors may bypass the check-in/check-out process leading to poor physical security and safety issues; and

  • Visitors who arrive at a site but forgot their key may require the dispatch of additional personnel or a delay in the completion of work.


Youtech USA’s Smart Lock technology is a system of keyless locks, digital smart keys, and management applications that streamlines the access to remote and unmanned facilities, including commercial rooftop solar-generating sites, utility-scale solar and wind generating sites, utility substations and related facilities. 

The solution consists of:

  • Electronically operated, passively powered locks, including padlocks, panel-mounted locks, cabinet and enclosure locks and interior/exterior door locks; 

  • Electronic keys with Bluetooth communications;

  • Mobile application for communication with keys and back-office systems, managing and tracking workflow; and

  • Cloud or premise back-office software for managing and tracking locks, keys, user access permissions, and lock operations.

When properly installed on site access gates, control rooms, and buildings, Youtech's Smart Lock System can reduce the time and attention the control room operators must spend managing and tracking access to remote facilities.  The Smart Lock System has the ability to dynamically grant and revoke permissions based on business needs, track and record operations, and allow facility owner/operators to rigorously control physical access to facilities with minimal disruption to higher priority operating responsibilities.  


The Youtech Smart Lock System provides enhanced control and monitoring of physical access to remote facilities.  Owners and operators of low-impact bulk electric system facilities, including solar, wind and energy storage facilities, can greatly enhance security at a level of cost and complexity much lower than badge-based access control systems. 

Key benefits of the solution include: 

  • Smart locks that require no batteries, designed to operate for a lifetime in the harshest conditions providing excellent security at low cost; 

  • A single smart key can manage thousands of smart locks greatly simplifying lock and key management;

  • Operating permissions are issued or revoked dynamically eliminating the need to replace or rekey locks when personnel and contractors change or when a key goes missing;

  • Operating permissions can be managed on individual, group, department or site basis;

  • Operations can be issued sequentially and based on the state of other locks enhancing equipment and personnel safety; 

  • All locking/unlocking actions are recorded with date and time stamp providing a robust audit trail;

  • Record of physical location of locks and their status (e.g. locked or unlocked) is constantly maintained; and

  • Record of all personnel, business role, permissions, permission history and date and time stamped history of device operation is constantly maintained.

For a fraction of the cost of a typical HID badge system and with the same robustness of a lock-and-key system, entities using the Smart Lock System can reap the following security and compliance benefits:

  • Reduced demand for system operator time to coordinate site ingress and egress (through automated validation of work authorization), and activate permission to lock and unlock access to gates, doors, and control panels 

  • Real-time electronic provisioning and revoking of access rights on an individual or group basis

  • Automated logging and audit trail creation