Manage Physical Security with Smart Locks

Key features

1.  Electronically operated locks, in multiple form factors, that do not require batteries or electrically connected power or communication sources.  Solutions include padlocks, panel-mounted locks, cabinet and enclosure locks and interior/exterior door locks all designed for harsh outdoor operating environments. 

2.  One electronic key with proper authorization can open as many locks as needed. Real-time authorization/permission management eliminates the need for master keys and combination locks which can compromise security.

3.  Mobile application provides dynamic authorizations, sequenced locking/unlocking procedures, and tracks each unlocking/locking action in real-time. All actions are uploaded to a premise or cloud-based server for audit, analysis and reporting.

4.  Back office software manages and controls access authorizations for employees and contractors. The access can be removed/terminated easily without having to re-key all the locks when an employee leaves the company or loses a key.

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Case Studies


Managing Physical Access to Cyber Systems in Low Impact Bulk Electric System Facilities

Beginning in 2020, owners and operators of low impact BES facilities must control physical access to cyber systems.  Current practices using padlocks and combination locks to lock access gates are not likely to meet NERC’s new requirements.

Streamlining the Check-In/Check-Out Process at Remote Facilities

Control room operators spend too much time coordinating daily ingress and egress operations at remote facilities.  Smart Locks all operators to focus on system operations

Increasing Worker Safety with Smart Lock-out Tag-out Procedures

Smart Locks can use sequential operating logic to ensure that locks are placed and removed is a specific order during maintenance on energized equipment.