Prevent Switching Errors with Smart Interlocking System

Key features

  1. Proven technology to safeguard the switching personnel and the grid assets. Used at over 30,000 substations, reducing switching errors to near zero.
  2. Safe switching software verifies all the switching steps in a switching order.
  3. Handheld smart key ensures each switching step matches exactly the step in the switching order. No more mixed up switching sequence because of distraction or mental lapse. This would have prevented the 2011 Southwest blackout.
  4. Smart locks with RFIDs can be opened by the smart key ONLY IF the switching step matches the ID of the lock, ensuring the switching person always goes to the correct switchgear location to perform  switching. No longer will someone goes to a wrong energized location thinking it is already de-energized, saving people's lives.
  5. RFID embedded portable grounds are monitored and controlled by the safe switching software to ensure no energization of the switchgear on maintenance before ALL the grounds are removed. No more missing a portable ground before energization, saving the grid of a major blackout because of a bolted ground fault.

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